GroundBusters makes drop spreader and tilling machine equipment for producing excellent deer food plots. Our affordable lime spreaders and tilling and seeding agricultural equipment are also perfect for use on small farms and for landscaping business owners.

Whether your goal is to create a highly successful food plot, to till, plant and fertilize your small farm, improve the efficiency of your landscaping business or spread products for commercial business, GroundBuster has the best agricultural equipment to meet your needs.
We manufacture a full line of equipment featuring Tiller/Disc Machines, Culipackers and Lime Spreaders designed by hunters. Our agricultural equipment is extremely heavy duty, smart and efficient.

Equipment Designed by Hunters

We have developed the industry's best agricultural equipment for creating highly productive deer food plots that attract more deer to the food they love. Our rugged Spreaders, Culipackers and Tiller/Discs are cleverly designed with the deer hunter in mind and include important features like high ground clearance, solid steel construction, and easy adjustable settings and space-saving attachments.
Our drop spreaders can save $100 or more per ton using Ag Lime. Our hunter-tested, time-saving deer food plot equipment is made in Lancaster County, in the heart of deer hunting and farming country.

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Food Plot Tips

9 Advantages of GroundBuster Equipment

Why Hunters, Landscapers, Farmers and Commercial Businesses Love our Equipment

Our drop spreader for lime saves money by using pulverized lime. Save $100 per ton on lime for lawns and landscaping.Attention landscapers:

You'll love our Spreaders and Tiller/Disc equipment for landscaping because it saves both time and space, and that means more money in your pocket and more room on your trailer!
Our rugged drop spreaders outperform a broadcast spreaders in terms of both spread quality and cost of material, and our versatile Tiller/Disc comes in two sizes with multiple attachments so it's like having 4 pieces of agricultural equipment in one!

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Why GroundBuster Spreaders, & Tillers/Disc Machines Save Landscapers Time, Space, & Money

Our Ag Equipment is Perfect for Small Farms

Our agricultural equipment includes a tilling machine with 4 attachments, and is perfect for small farms and farmetts.If you own a small farm you'll love our versatile agricultural equipment because it's perfect for small farm use. Our tilling machine comes in two sizes and can easily handle farms up to 30 acres in size. With available attachments our super efficient tiller/Disc machine can be a disc, cultipacker, grader, and seeder all in one.

Likewise, our pull behind drop lime spreader eliminates waste, produces a nice, even spread, saves big money on the cost of lime, and comes with a solid three-year warranty. Now you're ready to spread most any dry material, from peat moss to salt for your driveway, and you can easily pull it with an ATV or garden tractor.

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Why GroundBuster Tilling Machines & Drop Spreaders are Perfect for Farmers

Our Commitment: 

We're committed to supplying you with the best equipment in the business for  Hunters, Home Owners, Farmers, Landscapers and all types of commercial or Industrial business. Our equipment is rugged, reliable, and built to last. All GroundBuster Tiller/Discs, Cultipackers and Spreaders are manufactured and shipped from our Lancaster County PA facility, right here in the heart of Pennsylvania deer hunting and farming country!

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Check out our newest Lawn & Garden 3 Foot Lime Spreader!
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Our lawn and garden lime spreader is popular with landscapers, small farm owners, and for deer food plots

300 Lb. Lawn and Garden Lime Spreader


Our quarter ton tow behind lime spreader is easy to transport to your deer food plot, and is popular for landscaping.
500 Lb. Standard
Our half ton pull behind lime spreader is great for larger landscaping projects and for food plots for deer.
1000 Lb. Deluxe
1000 Lb. Economy Lime Spreader
1000 Lb. Standard
Our family of pull behind drop spreaders is versatile and can be used as a salt spreader, fertilizer spreader, atv spreader, and is great for lawn care, farming, and for applying organic fertilizer to deer food plots.
2000 Lb. Deluxe
Our rugged, affordable tilling machines are like having 4 machines in one.
4' Tilling Machine
Starting at $3195
Our largest till machine easily handles small farms up to 30 acres.
6' Tilling Machine
Starting at $4395


GroundBuster has all the equipment you need for a highly successful food plot, small farm or any place that you want healthy soil to make greener vegetation.

Whether you plan on using an ATV or a tractor, we have high quality equipment to fit your needs that will out last our competition.

Make sure to watch our videos to see GroundBuster in action! You can save time and money on all your liming needs by using the GroundBuster Pulverized Lime Spreader. It pulls easily behind your ATV, tractor or vehicle and dispenses lime evenly, whether it's damp or dry. The GroundBuster Soil Preparation Implement/Tilling Machine is the only piece of equipment that you will need for successful ground preparation and planting. The GroundBuster has two sets (front and rear) of heavy duty 18" disc blades which are easily adjustable for very aggressive cutting. It also comes with a grading mat and heavy duty compact roller.

If you have any questions about our products, we would love for you to call. We are passionate about making sure you have the information and equipment you need for a successful food plot, gardens, pastures or lawns.