1000 Lb. Deluxe Lime Spreader
  • 5 Foot Spread Width
  • 450 Pounds Empty
  • Manufacture from 14 gage steel
  • Sand Blasted and Powder Coat Finish
  • Two Beaters, Wheel Driven with Lock-Out
  • Large Top Screen
  • 24”Diamater Pneumatic Tires with 9” Clearance
  • 2” Ball Hook-Up
  • 13.02 cubic feet

Ground Buster has a half ton drop lime spreader that can be pulled with a 500cc ATV or comparable tractor.

The half-ton deluxe lime spreader is manufactured with 14 gage steel this unit is completely welded except for the bottom gate which is bolted in place for easy change out; it is sand blasted and powder coated before it leaves the factory for a long lasting finish. This allows you to spread materials other than lime such as fertilizer or peat moss, with a good wash and lube after use this finish will help keep the unit looking good and operating for many years. This machine has pneumatic tires and laser cut slanted holes on the gate to allow the lime to drop with slight overlapping so you don’t miss any area. When fully open the overlapping slots are ¾ inch wide.

The half-ton deluxe unit has two beaters that are wheel driven and is provided with lock out. The lock out will disengage the beaters while going from site to site. The lock out is very easy to engage, when the dispensing gate is closed the lock out is engaged. As soon as you open the dispensing gate and start moving the double beaters will start turning. This machine also has a shear pin, this is a great benefit. We all know that some ag lime may have small rocks, with the combination of the large top screen and the shear pin Ground Buster has designed a unit to help reduce the risk of damage. The large top screen will help remove any of the larger rocks and break up the lime as you fill the limer. The shear pin will break off if a rock gets trapped in the bottom beater limiting the possibility of damage to the beater.

Here are some specifications on the half-ton deluxe Ground Buster drop lime spreader

5 foot spreading width, weighs 450 pounds when empty. Have 24” pneumatic tires with 9” clearance. Is provided with a pin or ball hook up and has a handle with 7 adjusting holes which regulate the openings on the gate.