1000 Lb. Standard Drop Spreader
  • 5 Foot Spread Width
  • 210 Pounds Empty
  • Manufactured from 14 gauge steel
  • Abrasive Blasted and Powder Coat Finish
  • Single Beater, Wheel Driven
  • Large Top Screen
  • 16” Diameter Pneumatic Tires with 5” Clearance
  • Pin Hook-Up
  • 12.68 cubic feet
GroundBusters half ton (1000 Lb) hopper capacity drop spreader
can be pulled with a 500cc or larger ATV or comparable tractor.
The half-ton standard spreader is manufactured with 14 gauge steel. The spreader hopper is completely welded except for the bottom gate which is bolted in place for easy change out. All metal is abrasive blasted and powder coated before it leaves the factory for a long lasting finish. Our adjustable bottom gate  allows you to spread materials other the lime such as fertilizer, peat moss, gypsum, sand, soil amendment products, athletic field products, top dressing products, fungicides, chemicals and salt. With a good wash and lube after each use this powder coated finish will help keep your spreader operating and looking good for many years. This spreader has 18 x 6.50-8 pneumatic tires with an OAD of 16''. The gate has laser cut slotted and slanted holes that allow the lime to drop with a slightly overlapping pattern so you don’t miss applying any lime on your field. When the gate is fully open the overlapping slots are ¾ inch wide. There are five aperture dispensing settings plus a fully closed position. The beaters have accessible and greaseable bronze flange bearings and also greaseable bronze wheel bearings.
The half-ton Standard drop spreader has a single beater that is wheel driven that will continually push the material down so you will get a nice even drop. Our large top safety screen is also designed to help reduce larger rocks from entering the hopper and also will break up lime as you fill your spreader. When ordering Bulk Ag Lime always order screened lime. Bulk Ag Lime if not screened may contain stones and rocks.