6' Tilling Machine
  • Used with a 30hp tractor or larger
  • Manufactured from high quality 1/4” steel tubing and angle iron
  • Sand blasted and power coated for a long lasting finish
  • Front and back set of 10 disk each
  • Heavy duty and easily adjustable disks, both front and back
  • Best warranty in the industry
  • Optional equipment include:
    • Wheel Kit to lift and lower disk and move from site to site
    • Cultipacker and Grading Mat with Roll Bar
    • Broadcast Spreader

6 foot Ground Buster Tilling Machine.

The Ground Buster 6 foot tilling machine can be pulled with a 30 HP tractor or larger. The 6 foot tilling machine is manufactured with high quality ¼” thick steel tubing and angle iron. It has two sets of 10 disks with two extremely easy to turn crank handles to adjust the angle on both the front and back set of disks. If you are working a piece of ground with a lot of sod or weeds you can set the angle to work the ground very aggressively so you will have to make fewer passes to get the soil tilled, this saves both time and money. The 6 foot tilling machine when ordered with all accessories will be provided with cultipacker, grading mat and roll bar. By having all three items on one machine no matter the type of seed you will be planting you can work the ground to the needed texture. Example, large seeds like oat or sunflower may not need the soil smooth where as small clover or brassica seed would require the use of the grading mat or cultipacker to make the soil more level and smooth. The nice thing about this machine is you can position this assembly and use only the rolling bar or only the cultipacker or only the grading mat. It also allows you to use the roll bar loose so it floats over the ground or locked in place. All this is done very easily with pins and flipping various pieces up or down. The complete unit also comes with a wheel kit. The wheel kit allows you to travel from plot to plot and more importantly it allows you to adjust the depth of the disks. The wheel kit can be attached to a 12 volt battery for automatic adjustment or you can pop the top off and adjust with a ½” wrench or ratchet. All machines are sand blasted and powder coated to give you a nice long lasting finish.

The economy 6 foot tilling machine is provided with the 2 sets of 10 disks and 2 crank handles to adjust the angle.