GroundBuster manufactures a full line of HD Food Plot Equipment which includes Drop Spreaders, Tilling/Disc Machines and Culipackers which are designed for hunters, food plot developers, farmers, landscapers, and commercial operations.

GroundBusters makes the most rugged, reliable, and practical equipment for deer food plots in the business.

Food Plot Equipment Made by Hunters

The guys at GroundBuster are passionate about deer hunting and took a personal interest in developing deer food plots that get results.  However, they quickly became frustrated with the lack of food plot equipment that was small enough and rugged enough to get to their food plots in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  They also had a problem with the high cost of pelletized lime.  They wanted to be able to purchase bulk Ag Lime at highly reduced costs and then spread it themselves.  That's how GroundBuster was born.

GroundBuster is Born

In 2004 the first GroundBuster spreader was marketed.  Since then GroundBuster has grown to include 5 different sized spreaders, 2 different sized tilling/disc machines and 2 different sized culipackers for creating the best deer food plots possible.  The people at GroundBuster are now seeing and bagging more trophy bucks because of the sweet and healthy food plots they have been able to affordably develop and easily maintain.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to supplying the best equipment including the best guarantee in the business.  Our equipment is rugged and reliable and all GroundBuster spreaders, tiller/discs and culipackers are manufactured and shipped from our Lancaster County, PA facility, right here in the heart of Pennsylvania deer hunting country!