General Use and Maintenance Tips

Dispensing Gate

  1. When the spreader is new the gate handle will move hard but will loosen up through use. If gate handle is too difficult to move to any position, adjust by loosening the (12) nuts (DS6000DX) (10) nuts (DS5000) (8) nuts (DS4000 & DS5000DX) that hold the lime dispensing gate into place. Use an excellent quality silicone spray to lubricant the bracket area to allow for easier movement. After lubricated re-adjust gate and re-tighten hardware.                                     


  1. Lubricant tongue using an excellent quality lubricant. Take out pin and completely remove tongue from the receiver tube on the deluxe half ton (DS5000DX) and deluxe one-ton (DS6000DX) units. After the pin has been removed and the tongue completely removed from spreader coat the end that slides into the receiver tube. Re-install tongue into receiver tube and install pin through the hitch at the desired length and place hitch pin clip into pin. 
  2. We recommend that the tongue be used at its longest length when being pulled by a tractor for better turning clearance of the tractor's tires. Quarter ton and Half ton standard units model (DS-4000 & DS-5000) are supplied with a non-adjustable pin hook up. The Half ton deluxe model (DS-5000DX) is also supplied with a pin hook-up. All three units can be pulled with a 500cc or larger ATV. The One-ton deluxe model (DS-6000DX) is also supplied with a pin hook up and should be pulled by a 20 HP or larger tractor. A 2" ball coupler hook up is also available as an additional option to buy.


Ordering Ag Pulverized Lime

  1. When contacting a Bulk AG Lime Supplier inform them that you will be using a drop spreader not a spinner spreader and need very clean Stone Free damp Ag Lime. Ask for their best quality Stone Free lime. Stone, Rock or gravel will damage the auger/beater system and is not covered under the Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.
  2. Select a location as close as possible to the spreading location to dump the lime.
  3. Place a tarp on the ground where your lime will be dumped or use a cement pad when possible. This is suggested to reduce the possibility of getting any stones, rocks, gravel or other foreign objects into the hopper when filling.
  4. Cover the lime pile with a large tarp when the lime is not being used.
  5. Bagged pulverized lime can be purchased at many agricultural stores or home centers. It is generally available in 40 lb., 50 lb. or 80 lb. bags.

Filling the Spreader

  1. Pull the spreader next to the lime pile for easier loading
  2. Block wheels on unevensurfaces.
  3. Ensure that the lime dispensing gate is in the fully closed position, last notch to the left. On the half ton and one ton deluxe units (DS-5000DX & DS-6000DX) this will also lock out both auger/beaters.
  4. When loading lime into the spreader always begin taking lime from the top or center point of the of the lime pile and not at the ground level.
  5. On the standard spreaders ¼ and ½ ton (DS4000 & DS5000) if using bagged pulverized  lime, it is recommended to empty the bags of lime into the spreader while the unit is at or near the dispensing location.
  6. Filling damp lime to the top of the spreader will be approximately 500 lbs. for the ¼ ton (DS-4000), 1,000 lbs. for the ½ ton (DS-5000) and (DS-5000DX) and 2000 lbs. for the 1 ton (DS-6000DX).

Traveling to Dispensing Location

  1. When spreader has lime in it, travel at slower speeds. It is recommended to avoid traveling on step slopes.
  2. Occasional bridging of the lime may occur on longer hauls to the dispensing location or as it settles into the hopper. Bridging may occur when the constant turning of the auger/beater has formed a tunnel around the auger/beater area. If this occurs please try the following steps to break the bridge and allow lime to flow.
    1. Open lime dispensing gate to a wider setting and drive forward.
    2. Open lime dispensing gate to widest setting possible and drive forward over rough terrain to break the bridging inside the unit.
    3. Do not use a light stick to break the bridging as it may break off inside the hopper and get caught in the auger/beater system. If you must use a tool to break the bridging use something that will not break and preferably something that will not scratch the powder coated surface.
    4. If bridging continues, you may want to consider using dry bagged pulverized lime.


Dispensing Lime

  1. Select the opening you desire for lime flow. Gate opening hole #four (4) will dispense approximately one ton to the acre on the DS-5000DX and DS-6000DX models and gate opening #three (3) on the DS-4000 and DS-5000 models. Lime has different densities, textures, and moisture content so this setting will vary slightly.


After Use Maintenance

  1. Always wash the unit thoroughly inside and out with clean water. Be sure to thoroughly wash around the center axle/beater bearings.
  2. Moving the handle from side to side and spraying water across the lime dispensing gate opening helps to wash out any lime that may accumulate in between the unit body and sliding dispensing gate.
  3. If the lime dispensing gate becomes difficult to move. Remove the nuts and bolts on the front and rear of the gate which hold the gate in place. Wash with water to flush out any lime that has lodged in the gate area. Apply an excellent quality silicone spray before adjusting and reinstalling the lime dispensing gate and hardware.
  4. After unit is washed thoroughly, grease all fittings (See B & C below). This will help to remove any excess moisture or water and lime that may have gotten into the bearings.
    1. For the deluxe models (DS5000DX & DS 6000DX) the axle uses standard trailer hubs and bearings for both right and left wheels. Take apart and Lubricate every few years or as needed. 
    2. For the deluxe model (DS5000DX) there is a total of (5) grease fitting for each auger & beater bearing. There are four (4) which are located on the inner side front & back of both the right and left wheel and tire assembly. There is one (1) grease fitting located on the back-middle side of the hopper.  Insert the grease gun tip onto each fitting and pump a small amount of grease into each bearing until grease squeezes past the bearings. Lubricate after each use. 
    3. For the deluxe model (DS6000DX) there is (6) grease fittings and for the standard models (DS4000 & DS5000) there is (3) grease fitting. For the (DS6000DX) the six (6) grease fittings are located in the lime hopper compartment which lubricates the auger & beater bearings. For the (DS4000, DS5000) the one (1) grease fitting is located on the back middle outside hopper and the other two (2) are located near both right and left wheel and tire assembly. Insert the grease gun tip onto each fitting and pump a small amount of grease into each bearing until grease squeezes out the bearing. Lubricate after each use.
  5. After thoroughly drying the spreader (since lime is generally corrosive) you should spray the interior and exterior of the spreader with an excellent quality metal multi-protector product.
  6. For the Deluxe models (DS5000DX & DS6000DX) please make the following adjustments once every year or as needed. Take off both belt guards and check and tighten the chain idler sprockets. Spray a superior quality high tack chain lubricant on chain and sprockets. Check the lock out wear bushings and adjust the lock out mechanism as needed. 
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