Our Farmett Tilling Machine Saves Time & Money: It’s Like Having 4 Pieces of Equipment in 1 Space-Saving Unit

Tilling a pasture, garden, or food plot means turning the soil. This process digs up the old crop and mixes it with dirt, which adds oxygen to the soil, thereby, reducing weeds and allowing for better moisture drainage.

GroundBusters farm equipment includes 2 all-in-one tilling machines that are perfect for farmetts. Our tilling equipment saves time and money.Our Tilling Machines are a Disk, Cultipacker, Grader, and Seeder All in One

Farmett owners no longer need two to four pieces of equipment to keep their small farm in top shape because the GroundBusters tilling machine does the job of 4 machines in one. When you order it complete the tilling machine or cultivator comes with disks, wheel kit, grading mat, roll bar and cultipacker. This little workhouse till machine saves money on equipment, and saves a lot of space in your barn or trailer!

Perfect for Small Farm Use

Our tilling machine comes in two sizes that work great for farmetts: our 4-foot tiller requires a 20hp tractor or 500cc or larger ATV and fits easily onto a 6-foot utility trailer. Our larger 6-foot till machine works best with a 20hp or larger lawn tractor. We recommend our tilling equipment for small farms up to 30 acres in size.

Built Smarter to Work Better

GroundBusters till disks are notched and our tilling machines allow you to adjust the angle of the heavy duty 18 ¼” disks, which means it will turn your soil more aggressively and with fewer passes, thereby saving considerable time. The wheel kit allows you to adjust the depth of the disk. Try finding those features at your local garden/tractor store!  Likewise, our grading mat can be used to even the soil before planting and again after planting to give the seed the needed contact with the soil, or you can use the cultipacker for this purpose.

A Truly Versatile Tilling Machine

These handy tillers can turn, grade, seed, and pack your soil. Do it all at once while using the spinner seeder with the cultipacker to mix the seed into the soil so you get the correct soil-seed contact.

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Our Farmett Drop Spreaders Use Agricultural Lime and Save $100 per Ton. They Do a Better Job, Too!

Adding lime sweetens the soil, thereby requiring less fertilizer and saving the environment while saving a great deal of time and money. Putting lime in your animal pastures helps the grasses and kills some of the bacteria and parasites left by horses, cows and other farm animals.

5 Reasons Why Our Drop Lime Spreader is Perfect for Farmetts

The GroundBusters pulverized lime spreader saves money by allowing the use of pulverized aglime instead of pelletized lime.#1. Even Spread
The GroundBusters drop lime spreader spreads the lime very evenly, and with the slanted holes on the gate, the lime overlaps slightly, producing a much more even coating than a spinner/broadcast spreader.

#2. No Waste
Unlike a spinner or broadcast spreader that wastes the spread on driveways and other places, our drop spreader puts the lime exactly where you want it in a nice even coating.

#3. Big Savings on Lime, Plus a 5-Year Warranty
Our drop spreader system allows you to use pulverized agricultural lime, saving about $100 per ton over pelletized lime. That means you can pay for a quarter-ton spreader with the savings on your first 10 tons of aglime! Most applications require one ton per acre every year or two after you get the pH in the soil up to a level of 7.0. Often the initial spread requires 2-3 tons of lime per acre to bring the pH to desired levels, so it’s easy to see how this machine quickly pays for itself, and then puts extra money in your pocket year after year! And with our 5-year warranty you can’t go wrong.

#4. Unmatched Versatility in a Spreader for Small Farms
With a quick change of the bottom gate you’re ready to spread fertilizer, sand, peat moss, salt, or virtually any other type of dry material. That means you can use these handy spreaders in both farming and homeowner spreading applications. For example, new construction or a major redesign presents the perfect opportunity to lime the soil before seeding the lawn or installing sod. Likewise, winter weather presents new opportunities to salt your driveways and lanes with these handy drop spreaders. These spreaders are perfect for pastures and small farms. Use them on your gardens, fields, orchards, winery, or yard.

#5. Our Tow Behind Spreaders are Easy to Pull with an ATV or Garden Tractor
You can pull both the quarter-ton and half-ton lime spreaders with a good sized garden tractor or lawn mower, or with a 500cc or larger ATV. The full-ton spreader requires a 20hp garden tractor or larger.

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