Our Drop Spreaders can Save You $100 or more per Ton on Lime for Lawns!

5 Reasons Why Our Drop Spreaders Beat a Broadcast Spreader Every Time

The GroundBusters drop spreader can save you $100 per ton on the cost of lime.The GroundBusters pulverized lime spreader saves money by allowing the use of pulverized lime instead of pelletized lime.Even Spread
The GroundBuster drop lime spreader spreads the lime very evenly, and with the slanted holes on the gate, the lime overlaps slightly, producing a much more even coating

No Waste, No Marks
Unlike a spinner or broadcast spreader that wastes the spread on sidewalks, driveways, and other places, our drop spreader puts the lime exactly where you want it in a nice even coating. In addition, the pneumatic tires on our lime spreader will not leave marks on your lawn.

Big Savings on Lime, Plus a 3-Year Warranty
Our drop spreader system allows you to use pulverized lime, saving about $100 or more per ton over pelletized lime. That means you can pay for a quarter-ton machine with the savings on your first 10 tons of lime! Most applications require one ton per acre every year or two after you get the pH in the soil to a level of 7.0. Often the initial spread requires 2-3 tons of lime per acre to bring the pH to desired levels, so it’s easy to see how this machine quickly pays for itself, and then puts extra money in your pocket year after year! And with our 3-year warranty you can’t go wrong.

Unmatched Versatility in a Spreader for Commercial Landscapers
You can use the the stock lime gate or with a quick change of the bottom gate for greater accuracy for spreading fertilizer, sand, peat moss, salt, or virtually any other type of dry material. That means you can use these handy spreaders in both commercial and homeowner spreading applications. For example, new construction or a major redesign presents the perfect opportunity to lime the soil before seeding the lawn or installing sod. Likewise, winter weather presents new opportunities to salt driveways and lanes. These spreaders are perfect for small and medium-sized landscaping businesses serving residential and commercial clients.

Our Drop Spreaders are Easy to Pull
You can pull both the quarter-ton and half-ton spreaders with a ATV or a good sized garden tractor. The one-ton unit requires a 20hp tractor or larger.

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Our Tilling/Disc Machine is Like Having 4 Pieces of Equipment in One

The GroundBusters tilling machine is like having 4 machines in 1. It’s a disk, cultipacker, grader, and seeder all in one.It’s a Disc, Cultipacker, Grader, and Seeder All in One
While many landscapers have to use two or three pieces of equipment to get the job done, the GroundBuster tilling/Disc machine does the job of 4 machines in one. That saves money on equipment, and also can save room on your trailer!

Perfect for Commercial or Home Use
Our tilling/Disc machine comes in two sizes that work great for handling lawn problems as well as major construction and redesigning projects: our 4-foot tiller/Disc requires a 500cc ATV or 20hp tractor and fits easily onto a 6-foot utility trailer. Our larger 6-foot tiller/Disc machine works best with a 30hp tractor or larger.

A Truly Versatile Tilling Machine
The GroundBuster tilling/Disc machine is very useful for both the homeowner and commercial client. Both may experience the same type of yard or soil issues. Sometimes correcting the problem requires starting over by disking the soil and then following up with the roller and grading mat before seeding, all of which are options on this handy tiller/Disc machine. This setup allows you to do all the needed repairs to a yard using a single piece of equipment.

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Lawn & Garden Spreaders

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300 Lb. Lawn and Garden Lime Spreader

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